10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (2023)

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (1)

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Whether you’re going for a run or trying to enjoy life under the hot, summer sun, a bout of chafing can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. It happens to the best of us between our thighs, under our arms, on our chest and basically anywhere that creates friction with our clothes or rubs against another part of our body. Thankfully, there are a slew of incredible products out there that promise to prevent or eliminate chafe, so you can get back to enjoying your day pain-free. Below, you'll find the 10 top-rated and tested products that can help with the dreaded "chub-rub" this summer.

1. This stick for sensitive skin

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (2)

You’ve seen the commercials of folks rubbing Gold Bond powder all over their itchy skin to fall straight into a puddle of bliss and relief. This anti-chafe stick’s following (to the tune of 2,700 reviews) proves you’ll experience that same relief when you opt for their anti-chafe stick: “I bought this in April and now in June, I've come home from a fast-paced 15-minute walk in 84-degree heat and 50% humidity and now I can finally write this review. This stuff is amazing. I carry it with me so I can reapply as needed (maybe once or twice over the course of a day) and I can finally wear shorts and dresses and skirts without layering dang bike shorts underneath.” It’s also non-greasy and unscented, so you can wear it every day and all day.

Get the Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick, Unscented at Amazon for $5.23

2. This pleasant scented powder

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (3)

Silly name aside, the Lady Anti Monkey Butt talc-free powder means business. It contains calamine (that stuff you use to soothe itchy mosquito bites), leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and free of irritation. What’s more is that it works to prevent sweat, which reduces your risk of chafing to begin with. Of its 3,000 reviews, many note how it’s worked more effectively than other anti-chafe products they’ve tried.

Get the Lady Anti Monkey Butt Anti-Friction Powder at Amazon for $5.99

3. This best-selling chafe balm

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Why deal with chafe once it happens when you can stop it before it starts? This best-selling balm with over 6,600 reviews is made of plant-based ingredients, is free of allergens, petroleum, lanolin, and mineral oils, and is safe for use on children. Originally designed for surfers, it also protects against irritation from swimsuits and wetsuits. One of our editors, who's a frequent runner, has been usingBody Glide for yearsto prevent chafing during long runs. She loves that it lasts for hours, and that it doesn't leave behind any sticky residue.

Get the Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm at Amazon for $9.99

4. This private part protector

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (5)

Chafe doesn’t only occur as a result of high-intensity activity—it can arise by simply putting on underwear over raw, delicate skin after waxing or shaving your nether regions. Monistat, a trusted brand in women’s health and sexual health, makes a cooling gel-like anti-chafe cream that redness and swelling and has garnered over 3,000 reviews. You can also apply it under your arms, between your thighs, and under your breasts to fight friction. Happy customers have taken to Amazon to report their positive experiences with Monistat, encouraging others to do the same: “Wore this with my bikini in Florida for three days, only reapplied one to two times a day and had minimal chaffing (mostly due to sand, which can’t be helped sadly). I have super sensitive skin and had no breakouts or suspect rashes using this.”

Get the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel at Amazon for $7.90

5. This summer activity saver

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (6)

Designed originally for cyclists, but adopted and adored by active (and sedentary!) folks worldwide, this Amazon best-selling anti-chafe cream goes on and washes off smoothly. It’s free of fragrance, parabens, and artificial dyes, and doesn’t leave a greasy film. One reviewer was shocked to find it allowed her to enjoy her favorite summer activities: “So I'm fat. My thighs rub together like nobody's business. Like, as soon as they start touching I'm in pain/ bumps form/ my skin starts burning off. This saved my life. I went on vacation in Vermont and did some hiking with a dress (because fashion/wanted to try this stuff out) and was blown away. Apply generously, massage into problem areas and go. Summer has never been so easy. I don't leave my home without it. 10/10 would recommend.”

Get the Chamois Butt'r Original Anti-Chafe Cream at Amazon for $9.59

6. This beauty industry favorite

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With numerous beauty magazine award accolades under its belt, MegaBabe’s thigh chafe solution is what reviewers call “heaven sent” with a light natural scent. It’s made of natural botanicals like aloe and vitamin E to soothe, pomegranate seed extract to protect, and grapeseed oil to keep your skin hydrated, which users say helped eliminate itch and irritation.

Get the Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick at Target for $13.99

7. This pro-athlete solution

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The all-natural Betwixt formula is a go-to among reviewers who participate in frequent high-intensity training (say, 40 to 50 miles of cycling a week) since it prevents workout gear and bike shorts from irritating the skin. Many also note it washes out of clothes easier than other brands, and unlike many that contain lanolin, this variety is completely vegan. Its 4.6-star rating is comprised largely of users raving about its staying power: “Best Chamois Cream I have found. I ride for to five days a week most of the year (if you include trainer time). I never swing a leg over with Betwixt. I like the all-natural aspect and that I still notice some cream in place when I’m done with even long rides.”

Get the Zealios Betwixt Athletic Anti-Chafe Cream on Amazon for $22.95

8. This cooling gel

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (9)

Say goodbye to chafing and friction with this anti-chafing gel that goes on smoothly and lasts all day. The brand recommends applying it before physical activity to prevent sores on your shoulders, waistline, armpits, inner thighs, chest, and feet. Of its 500 reviewers and counting, many note that it stays on even after hours of swimming. Another novel usage? It's “The best product I’ve found for eliminating head shine on my shaved head. Not its intended use, but it works—at half the price of products sold for reducing shine,” says one 5-star reviewer.

Get the Lanacane Anti-friction Gel on Amazon for $9.75

9. This convenient aerosol spray

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (10)

Not all of us are keen on dipping our fingers into a tub of anti-chafe cream and slathering it around all our nooks and crannies, or using a dipping stick that’s bound to accumulate bacteria over time. Enter this handy aerosol spray goes on lightly and evenly, ensuring you don’t use any more than you need to.

Of its 600 reviewers, many highlight how well it prevents blisters, friction, or tearing when applying a wetsuit as well as chafing from existing outdoors in the hot sun: “And, in my search for a lubricant that could deliver slickness to prevent chafing, remain steadfast against the sweatiest of the sweaties and the wettest river crossing, and not melt in my pack (or truck) during the brutal Texas summers, I came across this magnificent can of slick excellence. Spray it on. Apply friction. Marvel at the lack of resistance. Then look around and marvel at the world, chafe-free.”

Get the TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Skin Lubricant on Amazon for $11.42

10. This fragrant dusting powder

10 incredible products that help prevent chafe (11)

For an anti-chafe solution that doubles as a hint of perfume, look no further than Lush’s sensual jasmine-scented dusting powder. It contains vegan ingredients like cornstarch to absorb moisture and vetivert oil to keep things clean down there. Reviewers swear by it to get them through the hot summer months: “Love this stuff. Can't live without it especially during the hot summers. I wear it everyday between my thighs when I'm wearing shorts or a dress. It helps with chafing like magic!”

Get the Silky Underwear Dusting Powder at Lush for $10.95

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